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Northern HS 2018 DDL

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Price: $29.00

If you prefer not to buy a DVD, you can purchase the digital download only. The digital download is MP4 or MOV formats and is optimized for size and ease of download. They will be perfectly fine and enjoyable to watch on your computer.  These files are not intended for "professional editing".  They are designed for consumer archiving, sharing and viewing on your own computer.  Please do not order if you plan to use this file for anything other than its intended purposes, refunds will not be given.

Note: These are NOT HD files. Why? Because HD files are too large (approx. 30 GB) for digital downloads of this length. As it stands now, most of the files average about 3-5 GBs (gigabytes). This file will take a bit of time to download. Anywhere from 5 - 30 minutes depending upon your connection. 


Some downloads are in MP4 format, others are in MOV format.  We offer MOV formats for a better quality download.

Many of the newer operating systems will play MP4 and MOV digital files without the need for additional player software, but in some cases you will need Quicktime.

Either way, you will probably need to instruct your computer, when prompted, what to use to play the files. So for example, after you download the file and try to play it, you may be prompted with a popup that asks you what application on your computer you’d like to use to view the file. If your existing media players do not play the file, please download Quicktime. Links are provided below.

If you need to download Quicktime to play the digital file, it’s free, the file is small, and it’s easy to install.

MP4 Files: You will not need a special player to play the MP4 digital file it will most likely open up via your web browser or Windows Media Player.

MOV Files: You may need to download Quicktime (MAC/WIN) to play this file.


MAC: Click here to download QT for Mac
WIN: Click here to download QT for Windows


FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD applies to Grad Day orders placed at our kiosk in the Show Place Arena foyer or if you graduated elsewhere, orders placed at the table/booth at that location*.  If you missed our kiosk/booth on grad day and want to download the digital file, the cost is $29.

GRAD DAY PURCHASES: If you purchased your DVD on Grad Day at our Kiosk, you will use the PHONE NUMBER indicated on your ORDER FORM as your COUPON CODE to download the file FREE of CHARGE.

1. Add your schools digital download to the cart.  (Download limited to the school indicated on your order form.)
2. Upon checkout use your phone number, no symbols, as the COUPON CODE.
3. Complete the checkout process. You will be directed to a page that will assist you with questions and a link to YOUR ACCOUNT. A link to the download is in your Account.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Disable your antivirus software for the duration of the download to avoid interruptions. Firefox may be better than IE for the download process. Select SAVE when prompted to open or SAVE the file. Digital files are about 3-5 GB in size. They can take 15-30+ minutes to download depending upon your connection.  We are not responsible for bad or slow connections.  Please make note of the download location on your computer as we cannot help you if you've downloaded the file then cannot find the file on your computer.  If you connection is frequently interrupted, try downloading in the early morning or late evening. 

WINDOWS USERS: IE connections are frequently interrupted and will allow you to resume your download if it is interrupted or will start over - this can cause corruption.  You will have to sacrifice another download to try again, sorry but we do not have control over this.  If you are able to use Firefox or Chrome instead of IE, you may have better results.

Please review our FAQs Frequently Asked Questions for more information pertaining to Digital Downloads.

*If you graduated at your school or somewhere other than the Show Place Arena, other offers may have been arranged for you. Please click through to "Buy a DVD" for school-specific info.

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